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Unified Arts Department

Technology Education

The mission of technology education at Washington Middle School is to ensure that students are prepared with the 21st century skills that will enable them to actively participate in a global society. Emphasis is placed on designing, developing, and utilizing contemporary technological systems that actively engage and challenge students to solve real-life situational tasks.


The Computers curriculum is designed to prepare our learners for the future and equip them with 21st century computer and Internet skills. It includes use of hardware, software, peripherals, and web-based tools. Each grade has project-based assignments that incorporate a variety of technology including spreadsheets, photo editing, web tools, presentation software, and programming environments.

Life Skills (Grade 6)

Life skills is a course offered to all 6th grade students. Role play and class discussion guide students through multiple topics to help assist young adolescents during their middle school years. Topics explored include respect and courtesy, teamwork, bullying, peer pressure, identifying emotions, demonstrating effort, goal setting and effective communication.

Family and Consumer Science (Grades 7 & 8)

Family and Consumer Sciences foster the development of family, personal and interpersonal skills. The 7th grade curriculum is an introductory course that focuses on kitchen safety and beginner food preparation skills. Students learn about the food groups with an emphasis on making healthy lifestyle choices. The 8th grade curriculum expands on students' knowledge from the previous year with additional focus on dietary guidelines. The topics that are covered allow students to identify personal nutritional requirements and begin to make connections between good nutrition and long-term health and wellness. Cooking labs in both grades help students develop organizational and time management skills, along with promoting positive communication and teamwork.

Visual Arts

Students in grades 6 - 8 continue to need a framework that aids them in learning the characteristics of the visual arts by using a wide range of subject matter, symbols, meaningful images and visual expressions. 

These standards provide that framework in a way that promotes the students' thinking, working,communicating, reasoning and investigating skills and provides for their growing familiarity with the ideas, concepts, issues, dilemmas and knowledge important in the visual arts. As students gain thisknowledge and these skills, they also gain in their ability to apply these to their widening personal worlds.

In grades 6 - 8, students' visual expressions become more individualistic and imaginative. The problem-solving activities inherent in art making help them develop cognitive,  affective and psychomotor skills.

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