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Physical Education Department

Mission Statement

The overall goal for the Washington Middle School Physical Education program is to develop a positive learning environment for all students.  We look to offer a wide variety of activities to give students choices to keep them active into their adult lives.  Emphasis is put on cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  We are committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment in which all students achieve personal bests and success.  The goal of the program is to guide young lives towards healthy and active futures.

Grade Level Philosophy

Grade 6 - Students are introduced to fundamental skills in a variety of sports and given opportunities to combine prior knowledge with what they learned through lead-up games and team building activities.

Grade 7 - Students will further develop fundamental skills learned in grade 6 with an emphasis on game play and strategies. In addition they are introduced to individual and dual sports as a means of transitioning from team sports to lifetime activities.

Grade 8 - The main focus is on lifetime activities, in hopes that each student leaves our program with an appreciation for physical activity. Students are also given an opportunity to implement prior knowledge of team sports from grades 6 and 7 each season through our elective program.

Health Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Education Curriculum is to provide students with accurate information and resources that will aid in skill development and guide students toward making healthful decisions.  Students will be provided with an array of opportunities to achieve their highest potential and ultimately lead to lifetime health and wellness.

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